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Do you struggle to get through your holiday baking without burning the bottoms of your cookies or a cake that just doesn't rise the way that you had hoped? If so, there is probably something wrong with your oven that is preventing it from maintaining the proper temperature. My blog is all about oven problems. You will learn tips that can help you use your malfunctioning oven until you can have it serviced and some steps for finding out what is causing the problems that you are experiencing. Hopefully, you will get through your baking without burning any more cookies this year.

Why Bathtub Repair Is The Way To Go


An old bathtub can be an ugly, unsightly mess. You know that it is time for a change when cleaning your bathtub is just not enough. For example, if you scrub and scrub at stains, but nothing comes clean, your tub might be more than simply dirty. Instead, the finish coat of your tub may have warn out. In order to get your tub looking as good as new, you can either repair your old tub or replace it.

Cost of Replacing an Old Tub

An old tub will cost between $200–$800. This may not sound like very much money, but the cost of the new tub is only the beginning. You also have to consider that you have to rip out the old tub before you can install your new tub. This means you have to take out tiles, trim, and any structures built up around your tub. This can drive the cost of replacing your old tub up to $8,000 depending on how much work you have to put into it. If you have your heart set on a complete bathroom makeover, then this might be your best option, but if you are simply wanting to breathe some new life into an old tub, then you have better options. 

Cost of Refinishing a Tub

If you simply want a new-looking tub, then you can save yourself some money by simply stripping off the old finish and applying a new finish. Chemical strippers should help to strip off what's left of your tub's original finish. You can then sand off what is left of your old finish. Continue sanding until your remove any imperfections which are left in your tub. In some cases, you might need to use a primer to fill in stubborn cracks. Make sure that the surface of your tub is flawless before you continue on to applying the finish. You can then apply several coats of primer to get the smooth, porcelain-esque coat that will make your bathtub look like new. A refinishing job should cost between $500–$1,000

If you are not comfortable refinishing your own tub, you should be able to call in a contractor to do the job for you. Even if you have to call in a bathtub repair professional to do the job for you, you will still save money refinishing your tub versus what it would cost you to replace your tub. An old dingy, tub can leave your whole bathroom looking ugly, and refinishing an old tub is is the best way to add some sparkle.


16 December 2015