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Do you struggle to get through your holiday baking without burning the bottoms of your cookies or a cake that just doesn't rise the way that you had hoped? If so, there is probably something wrong with your oven that is preventing it from maintaining the proper temperature. My blog is all about oven problems. You will learn tips that can help you use your malfunctioning oven until you can have it serviced and some steps for finding out what is causing the problems that you are experiencing. Hopefully, you will get through your baking without burning any more cookies this year.

Three Reasons To Call A Repairman For Your Refrigerator


Although you realize that some situations require an appliance repair professional, it can be difficult to make the decision whether or not your current situation is one of these cases. If you're not sure whether you can fix the issue yourself or whether you should call someone else in who has more experience, you're not alone. Use these three reasons as a guide to help you distinguish do-it-yourself fixes from scenarios that require professional expertise.

1. Recurring leaks

Some refrigerator leaks are caused by simple problems such as an old water filter. But if the water filter or the ice maker area of your fridge won't stop leaking even after you've replaced the filter, tightened the connections, and replaced any old seals, you may find it beneficial to get a professional repair. Hidden leaks can be hard to locate and repair, and recurring leaks can be a sign of some larger problem.

2. Abnormal sounds

If your fridge has recently developed a noise problem, it's clear that something abnormal is going on. Excessive fridge noise can be from something as simple as dirty fan blades, or it can indicate a severe problem such as a bad defrost timer or a compressor failure. Both of these problems require outright replacement of the affected part, so unless you have personal experience with appliance repair yourself, it's a good idea to have the appliance checked by a repair professional if you can't find and easily fix the cause of the noise yourself.

3. Malfunctions

If your fridge is simply failing to cool your food for no obvious reason, it's clear that you have a large-scale refrigerator emergency. Move your food to another refrigerator (if you discover the problem in time and the food is still cold) and call in a technician immediately. Some possible causes of this issue include door gasket seal failure, condenser problems, frozen evaporator coils, stuck air damper, fan problems, and other issues. A technician skilled in diagnostics and repairs will have a better chance of quickly isolating and reversing the cause of the problem than you will.

As you can see, these three signs are all symptoms of various larger problems. Not all fridge malfunctions require a professional, but cases such as these generally do. Because the overarching problem can be hard to identify and the needed repairs are likely to require professional skills, hiring an appliance repairman is the best option in these situations. To find out more, speak with a business like Top Notch Appliance Repair.


7 December 2015